Glam It Up



 My name is Roneique Banks, and I am a proud native of small town Battle Creek, MI, who relocated to the beautiful Golden State at the tender age of 13. I attended the glam Beverly Hills High School, and later became a teacher trainee at the notorious Dorsey High School  while studying pre medicine biology in college. Inspired after landing my first magazine cover at age 7, and heavily influenced by the savoire faire of nearby Hollywood, I knew that I was destined to take a huge bite out of the swimsuit modeling industry.

  At age 18, the iron was hot, and that it was my time to strike! After booking my first spokesmodel assignment for the groundbreaking Bronze Beauty Swimsuit Calendar, I was on a roll and determined to break down any barriers placed in front of me. Gorgeous fitness and wrestling stars like Lenda Murray, Trish Stratus, Vicki Pratt, and Rachel McLish kept me in awe and super motivated to curate my own collection of feminine muscle! Commercials, television hosting, and print work for magazines such as Musclemag (cover), Ironman, Ebony, Jet, Essence, Muscular Development, Fit Beauties, Stuff, Maxim, Lowrider (cover), American Curves, Black Men, Splat, Wheels (3 covers), Muscle and Fitness, Ground Pounder (cover), Body Of Art, Details, etc. continued to roll in. Soon, I became a regular fixture within the pages of publications worldwide. With a heavy emphasis on health and fitness, my name become synonymous  with beauty, empowerment, diversity, unapologetic curves, and a take no prisoners attitude!


I currently continue to build my brand as an accomplished professional glamour and fitness photographer, makeup artist, print icon, as well as television host.


Professional accomplishments aside,  I travel often, am an avid  reader, animal rights activist,  and make handmade jewelry. A certified glamour puss, I have a closet full of  dangerous couture stilettos. But the real magic happens when I use the those heels to open up the throttle of a fast car! My dirty little secret is that I love a good chocolate covered epicurean adventure from time to time. Homemade cupcakes anyone? Who says a fitness girl can't get down and dirty with a little buttercream?


      It is indeed a charmed life, and I make sure to never let a day go by without living, laughing, and loving!

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